Performance Opportunities

Why Consider Performance Opportunities?

Performance opportunities and educational experiences are great ways for children to learn valuable qualities! At Stage Door Dance Productions, we believe such events are a positive learning experience that is not based solely on winning top awards; instead, we promote children to do the best they can as an individual and to use their talents to the best of their abilities.

With such experiences, children learn how to perform respectfully and gracefully and develop a heightened respect for practice, discipline, and time management. Not only will these skills and lessons apply in dance, but they will also apply in their future academic, professional, and personal endeavors.

Stage Door Dance Productions at Lake Boone Trail will offer varying opportunities for our dancers that are interested in exploring dance at a higher level. Examples of opportunities include: participation in the Raleigh Christmas Parade, invitations to special conventions/workshops/intensives, and community performance events. All event details, including any pertinent fee, rehearsal, and travel information, will be posted in the studio and on the SDD Parent Portal.