Class Offerings

All Classes at Stage Door Dance Productions are based on progressive syllabi and curricula.  Our Little Stars, Twinkle Tots, and Kinder Sparkler Divisions are based on age. Our SDD~1-8 Cohorts (Ages 5+) are based on a combination of age and skill level and require placement. Our cohorts are uniquely designed each season to best serve our students and their technical progress. 

Little Stars Division

The Little Stars Division is a great introduction to dance for our youngest dancers ages 2-3. Students will be introduced to the basic fundamentals of dance in a setting that is expressive and imaginative. Sources such as shapes, sounds, props, and storytelling techniques are used as tools for learning and retaining information. In this division, we offer Little Stars (a Ballet-Based Creative Movement Class) and Hip-Hoppin' Peeps (a Hip-Hop Basics Class). 

Twinkle Tots Division

The Twinkle Tots Division is designed for dancers ages 3-4, and it expands upon the foundation of our Little Stars Division. Students continue to learn the basic fundamentals of dance and expressive and imaginative teaching is combined with classical teaching techniques. In this division, we offer Twinkle Tots (a Ballet & Tap combination class) and Hip-Hoppin' Peeps (a Hip-Hop Basics Class). 

Kinder Sparkler Division

The Kinder Sparkler Division is intended for dancers ages 4-5. In this division, students are transitioning to a more classical classroom structure in preparation for our Leveled Divisions. Our Kinder Sparkler classes include ballet and tap components, and students may also add Hip-Hoppin’ Peeps (a Hip-Hop Basics Class).

Crossover Cohort

A Crossover Cohort is a mixed age grouping that offers convenience for families looking for shared time with siblings and friends. Crossover Cohorts offer a variety of style combinations.


Ballet classes combine French and Italian technique and terminology. Students build their technical foundation through barre exercises, center work, waltz rhythms, across the floor allegros, and center adagio combinations. Ballet classes at Stage Door Dance focus on increasing strength with detailed attention to placement and alignment while allowing students to develop balance, poise, classical lines, and artistic expression. 


Jazz classes at Stage Door Dance incorporate the technique of many great jazz masters and choreographers and represent a wonderful combination of traditional, contemporary, and unique jazz forms. Classes begin with a warm-up and move through across the floor progressions and into a center combination. Styles may range from theatre dance to lyrical to high energy jazz. Please note that all jazz dancers are required to take ballet, as well. 


Tap dance focuses on the interpretation and progression of various rhythms and sounds. Classes begin with a warm-up and move through across the floor progressions. Other techniques, such as turns, jumps, and smooth footwork are also incorporated. Rhythm Tap and Broadway-style tap are both taught.

Acro Dance/ Flip & Fly

Acro Dance and Flip & Fly focus on acrobatic skills intended for dancers. Strength, conditioning, flexibility, and movement based acrobatic skills are introduced in a safe and progressive manner. The movement focuses on fluidity and the ability for the dancers' to utilize additional skills in their routines. 

In addition, Stage Door Dance Productions provides specialized services, which include private lessons, audition work, and semi-private lessons. Other services include organizing student and professional showcases for private parties, corporate events, and special performances. We will also custom tailor dance classes and camps for private groups. Please contact the studio for more information.